Fall Protection

Lifelines & Tie-Off Points
Maintaining fall arrest equipment and systems is about more than meeting minimum regulatory requirements. It is a commitment to the well-being of the men and women who keep our facilities running day-to-day. Through strategic alliances with key members of the fall protection world and providing specialized training for our inspectors, we at CATSI have made our own personal commitment to be a single source for all our customers fall protection equipment inspection and compliance needs.

Horizontal/Vertical Lifelines

  • Cable Condition
  • End Anchorage and Slip Indicator
  • Tensioning Devices
  • Intermediate Support Systems
  • Swing-Fall Analysis

Tie-off and Tie-in Points

  • Above and Below Roof Condition
  • Adequacy of Anchorage
  • Welded and Bolted Connections
  • Davits and Swing Arm Frames


  • Crane and Crane Runway Horizontal Lifelines
  • Roof Access Systems
  • Vertical Lifeline Systems(In compliance with OSHA 1910.128(b)(9) rules for ladder cage replacement)
  • Fixed D-Ring installations for equipment access
  • Anchor systems for building window washing (window washing powered scaffolds and bosun chair anchorages)
  • Customized Fall Protection Systems

Single Source For All Needs

  • Turnkey System Installation of all major brands and suppliers.
  • Technical reviews of systems that are not passed to enable upgrade.
  • Identification and tracking of all inspected items.
  • Repair services including parts delivery, certified installation and return-to-service inspection.
  • Barcode tagging and cloud based reporting.
  • Our program satisfies OSHA requirement 1926.501(b).

Presenting the Honeywell – Söll Xenon Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) System: CATSI can assist with any major brand of fall protection and lifeline system available today. One of our hottest products is the Söll Xenon Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) System from Honeywell. Contact us to find out how we can help keep you ahead of the compliance curve.

The section of lifeline being tested in the below video was removed from a corrosive environment. Visually, the line appears to be fine, but watch what happens when CATSI’s own Eric Johnson attempts to apply the OSHA specified minimum load of 5,000 lbs. using the VERI-5000.

The Veri-5000 allows CATSI to test anchor points, lifeline spans and critical connection points up to 5,000 lbs. and in compliance with applicable Manufacturer/OSHA/ANSI specifications.


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